Event Graphics

“To design is to plan, to order, to relate, and to control.”

_ Emil Ruder

A great opportunity to connect with (potential) customers, is during an event. Angle Your Aim can help you to strategically engage with people, for example at a gala dinner, a grand opening or an exhibition. We believe that enriching your event with outstanding and consistent visual design, will delight your guests and deepen your relations with them.

How do the Event Graphics Come to You?

The first step we will take is setting up a meeting. We will go over all your design needs for the event. What is the event’s purpose and its audience? Is it for example a gala or charity event, does it focus on children or business owners, and how big is the space? We need to go as deep as possible and collect as many details as we can in order to bring the best event graphics to you.

What Would We Design for Your Event?

After coming to an understanding of the scope of work we can discuss the possibilities and base the design fee on your request. The most common designs used on events are big scale promotions like banners and big signs. Our team is specialized in event backdrop design. Additionally, we can make some flyers, tickets, programs, etcetera.

Where Does Your Event Design Start?

In the concept stage we often like to start off with a mood board. We base every color, shape, look and feel on our research, which is very important for design. We can research your competitors, the company’s field, the goal of the design – anything can influence our design choices.

After getting your feedback on the graphical elements, we will go into development. We make sure we polish the design to your liking and work our way up to the final product. We will discuss the final material choice on which it will be printed and make sure to deliver only high-quality files.

Who Controls Your Event Design Project?

AYA works closely with the suppliers during the production. We deal with them directly and care about quality control. We personally go to the factory to check colors and make sure everything is perfect.

Once everything is done and approved, it’s time for the installation of the event graphics on the big day! We will work with our suppliers to make sure everything gets installed in time. We manage the entire project before, during and after the event. Anything to make this experience pleasant for you.